Rodent repellent system in Navi Mumbai

Rodent Repellant System

Rodent Repellent System in Navi Mumbai, Mumbai Ultrasound is a spectrum of sound which starts just above human hearing range as Rodent Repellent System in Navi Mumbai Rodent Repellent systems have the ability to detect ultrasound with varying frequency ranges. Rodent use ultrasound for communication and to a certain extent echo location. Carcat bombards ultrasound waves with unique patterns which disturb and disorient the Rodent Repellent. In human equivalent terms, it would perhaps sound like a very loud unbearable continuous screeching siren. The advanced micro-controlled automatic frequency technology ensures the Rodent Repellent does not get accustomed or immune to the wave pattern. Rats are highly territorial creatures and for existing infestation, there may be initial resistance for a few days but eventually the rats will be driven away.With firm commitment to quality, we are offering Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent to the clients. Covering an area of up to 40 square meters, up lighters are ideal for large lobbies, Rodent Repellent System, bars and dining areas. Uplifter is silent in operation and caught insects are hidden from view.

Rodent Repellent System Catalogue - RSCAT

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